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Many spiritual teachers have said that Maya is an Illusion and therefore an enemy to Enlightenment. This is very misleading. Maya is disappointing and distracting when we are not enlightened. But once we get our Enlightenment, Maya becomes a precious gift that helps us to fine tune our consciousness and transform our life and our world.

What is Maya? Maya is Creative Magical Consciousness!

Maya is the Quantum Field of Enlightened Consciousness. It is the playground for us to discover our true magic and learn how to use the many gifts of our Enlightenment.

Maya is the Field of Active Consciousness. The Silence of Ku is the Foundation of Un-manifest Consciousness. These two fields are Eternal and complement each other like two sides of the same coin.

What ever we think will stimulate the magical field of Maya and get created. Maya responds instantly to every thought and feeling. It manifests what we are thinking. Buddha said, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

Maya is a Reality that we have created. Maya is composed of Mind-Stuff! Maya created the world that we experience every day from the thoughts that we human beings generated in our minds. Maya is a mirror of our mind! Maya is the reflection of Global Consciousness.

When we become Awakened, we realize that everything in this Universe is materialized out of Consciousness. This entire Universe was materialized out of Nothing, out of Infinite Space. This physical Universe is created like a dream from the Eternal Consciousness of Infinite Space!

This Universe is the expression of our Consciousness. Everything in our world was created and maintained by our Creator Mind (both our personal mind and the mind of the Creator). Whatever we collectively believe creates the world we live in.

Once we know that this Universe is our Creation, we can also realize that we can create whatever we want. We can transform this world simply by changing the way our mind is creating and materializing our life!

Maya is a delightful challenge and an opportunity for us to explore the field of Infinite Possibilities. Maya is the tool we need to allow Lemurian Consciousness to reawaken! As we explore, we will help restore harmony and balance to our world. Maya will be the gift that allows this to happen!

We have conquered Maya when we stop rejecting her and start using her gift to transform our life!


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