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In the Beginning (Before this Universe was Born)
There was only Life Force – Silent Pure Infinite Love
Love created a Stir in the Silence and a Quantum Wave was born
This was the First Expression of Life – The Holy Breath
The Holy Breath is the Infinite Healing Power of the Mother Goddess of the Universe
This Breath was electrified with Her Love – And Light was born
The Light created all forms of Life and Embodied in the Heart Center of every living being
Love wanted to unite all beings as One – This created the Ocean of Consciousness called Eternal Soul
The Eternal Soul expressed Itself through emotions – Waves of Energy in the form of Love
Now this Eternal Love Force wants to embody into Physical Form – This creates the Rainbow Light Body
Becoming the Rainbow Light Body means we Master all the Five Elements from Infinite Silence to Breath, Fire, Water and Earth.
Mastering the Rainbow Light Body means we Master all the Elements of Earth Reality



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