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ELM is an amazing tool that has been gifted to us by the Mother Heart Consciousness of this Universe. This loving Consciousness resides within each of us. It is not in some distant place outside of ourself. This makes it easy for anyone to learn and feel tangible results very quickly in our life both inside and outside, both spiritually and materially.If you are ready, ELM can help you to open to entirely new fields of Conscious Perception than you could ever imagine.

We are here to help guide you through this time of rapid transformation. We are all learning to see with new eyes and experience with new hearts to embody all the gifts that every Master from every Tradition has promised us. What has recently been discarded as fantasy will become tomorrows Reality.

Global and Personal Consciousness has risen beyond anything that we can imagine or understand by looking at the history of our world and looking with the 3D logic that we were trained to believe in.

This glorious level of Consciousness has not been available since the early history of this Earth in Lemuria or what has been referred to as Sat Yuga and Paradise.

Human Consciousness has been in lock down for thousands of years. Now the True Nature of Consciousness is awakening. This new Consciousness is filled with so much Compassion and Love that it can transform who we are and how we live our life for all generations to come.

This transformation is bringing everyone on the planet many challenges that tear apart everything we have believed in. But these challenges are necessary for each us to learn how to trust ourself and listen to the quiet whispers of our Heart.

The Heart is the Home of Higher Consciousness and the Source Consciousness that created everything in this Universe.


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