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We will be offering a Premium Retreat with the all new Brahma Sutra Meditation Program at the Hotel Ambient Azumino in Kyosato in Nagano from June 7 to 12, 2018.
The Brahma Sutra Program is a completely new and revolutionary process of meditation that promises to open your heart to a very High State of Consciousness in a short time.
Sutras work similarly to Mantras to awaken our Consciousness to higher levels than we can normally achieve. They compliment our ELM meditation by stimulating our heart with deeper insight into our True Nature as the Infinite Presence of Love, Peace and Compassion.
Global Consciousness has risen to a higher level than any time in human history. This phenomenon is allowing us to open to a very rare and very exceptional Stage of Enlightenment and Ascension. We call this Brahman Consciousness.
When I was with Maharishi, he only mentioned Brahman Consciousness very rarely explaining that this state was not possible until Global Consciousness had risen to a very high state. Now that Global Consciousness has achieved that level, it is possible for us to stimulate our Cosmic Heart Computer with new formulas that can spontaneously trigger the direct tangible experience of Brahman Consciousness in anyone who is practicing ELM meditation.

In Brahman Consciousness our Eternal Presence becomes so expanded that we can feel our Infinite Consciousness everywhere in the Universe. We become the Infinite Ocean of Eternal Love Consciousness that is inside of every living being. We experience our Consciousness inside of everything in the Universe as a Unified Non-Dual Presence. Just as the Ocean has many waves, our Infinite Consciousness can see through the individual wave of every living being. The Ocean of Consciousness has a thousand eyes and a thousand heads. Every wave rises out of the same Ocean. When we become that Ocean, our Consciousness has eyes everywhere!

Brahman Consciousness is very special and very rare. But now everyone can begin to experience it through the Brahma Sutra Meditation Program.
In all my 50 years of teaching, I have never expected to see such amazing results as I have seen with these Sutras in the last six months. We are so excited to offer this Program to you in the deluxe Resort environment of Kyosato!



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